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Букинг пишет

Dear Andrew Volyanuk,

We were unable to call you to discuss your reservation at Penzion Adam but it would be too early for us to call you as its 6 AM on your timezone so I am sending this email instead.

Penzion Adam is unfortunately unable to accommodate your upcoming booking (2468****) because the Hotel already terminates the contract due to the low quality of reviews, they have, however, found you another place to stay of equal quality:

We've chosen this property because it contains many of the same features.

• Hotel name: Apartmány Jarkova
• Room type: Superior Apartment – Bigger than most in Prešov
• Total cost (including taxes and fees): 35 EUR
• Difference: 5.3 EUR
• Link: https://bit.ly/****

If you like this option, here are the next steps:
• Make a new booking here https://bit.ly/****
• Reply to this email with your new confirmation number

We’ll cancel your old booking at no cost to you once your alternate reservation is confirmed.

By providing your receipts or invoices, you give Booking.com B.V. permission to share this information with Penzion Adam. We’re committed to protecting your privacy and will only use them to confirm your claim. We only keep this information as long as necessary.

If you need us again, we’re always here.

Genbeth L.
Booking.com Customer Service Team
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