Мышьяк хороший, импортный! (vaf) wrote,
Мышьяк хороший, импортный!

А говорили, монархия только для галочки

Meanwhile, an MP has been taken hostage (but don't worry it's all part of the pomp)

From James Frater and Sarah Dean in London

It's all fun and games these days, but in a reminder of the historical violence between the Commons and the Crown, a member of parliament will be held "hostage" in Buckingham Palace while the Queen is in Westminster.

This tradition, stemming from the time of King Charles I, is intended to ensure the monarch's safe return.

Charles I was convicted of treason and beheaded on January 30, 1649 at the end of the Civil War between the monarchy and Parliament. A copy of his death warrant is still displayed in the Robing Room in Westminster, just in case any future monarchs get any ideas about interfering with Parliament.

The hostage is usually the Vice-Chamberlain of the Household (also a government whip), who is said to be kept well entertained before being released when the monarch returns to the palace.

On Monday, the hostage is lawmaker Stuart Andrew. His diary during the Queen’s Speech is marked as “confidential and full.”
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