Мышьяк хороший, импортный! (vaf) wrote,
Мышьяк хороший, импортный!

Получил ответ из

Спортлото абьюза Амазоновского облака.

Thank you for your abuse report! We were unable to identify the customer responsible for the reported activity. Due to the frequency with which AWS public IP addresses can change ownership, we will need additional information in order to identify the responsible customer(s).

For security reasons, we do not open nor accept attachments. When replying, please provide plain-text logs of the abusive activity, including the following information, in the body of your email:

* Complete, accurate timestamps of the activity including:
- Date
- Time
- Time Zone
* All source IPs
* All source port(s) & protocol(s)
* Destination IP(s)
* Destination port(s) and protocol(s)
* Log extracts showing the intensity and duration of the activity

В моём исходном письме был дамп того, как нас слегка долбили.
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