Мышьяк хороший, импортный! (vaf) wrote,
Мышьяк хороший, импортный!

Job Opportunity

A large Russian government organization is looking to fill more than 170,000 positions this coming spring. Positions are open in all departments. Our main requirements to a successful candidate are:
- Male between 18 and 27
- Ability to work under a strong pressure from more experienced colleagues (especially during the first six months of employment)
- Fluent English is not essential but excellent command of Russian expletives is a must
- Willingness for biennial business trip
- Analytical mind or any other types of a mind is a strong disadvantage.

We are glad to offer you:
- An opportunity to work in a team environment with colleagues as young and active as you
- Corporate lunch (as well as corporate breakfast, corporate dinner, corporate uniform, and corporate housing)

Opportunities for advancement:
A successful candidate's career path will be as follows (as you most likely are not familiar with official titles of positions in hour hierarchical structure, in parenthesis we give equivalent investment banking titles):
0-6 months from start date "dukh" (junior analyst)
6-12 month "cherpak" (associate)
2-18 month "ded/dedushka" (vice-president)
18-24 month "dembel'" (partner)

If you are interested in our job offer, please send you CV and cover letters to our HR managers, ensign (praporshchik) Probkin or ensign(praporshchik) Butilkin. human.resources@voenkomat.ru
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