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Семинар в Зоомузее МГУ 15 апреля

Научно-исследовательский Зоологический музей МГУ имени М.В. Ломоносова и Музей-театр «Ледниковый период»

приглашают на семинар
15 апреля в 16.00 в ауд. 14 Зоологического музея МГУ

About the speaker:

Love Dalén is a Professor of Evolutionary Genetics at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. His main research interests are focused on the use of ancient DNA data to investigate the ecology and evolution of different species, and how changes in climate and population size affect genetic variation.

Webpage: www.palaeogenetics.com/ld

Having been one of the most widespread megafaunal species during the last ice age, the woolly mammoth went through a severe decrease in population size as well as distribution at the end of the Late Pleistocene. This process ended with a small remnant population on Wrangel Island, which survived there for several thousands of years until the species finally became extinct ca 4,000 years before present. As such, the woolly mammoth constitutes an interesting model for the genetic processes that have taken place in species that currently are threatened by extinction. To examine the genetic changes that took place during the decline of the woolly mammoth, we have analyzed genetic variation in multiple radiocarbon dated specimens, using a wide range of genetic markers. The results indicate that loss of genetic variation and inbreeding had an impact on the woolly mammoth prior to its extinction.
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